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I Am

I Am is the worldwide bestselling book reflecting a 3-year spiritual adventure with enlightened masters through South Africa, Egypt, Bhutan, The Maldives, Italy and Peru. The profound teachings point the way to love, peace, bliss and freedom, encouraging a transformation of consciousness and spiritual awakening. My books I Am and Heart Song form the essential foundation to the advanced teachings in the rest of the books. I recommend reading those books first then progressing with They Walk Among Us and The Other Side. Read the first chapter free by clicking the Amazon logo.

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Excerpt of Customer Reviews (from Amazon)

"A spiritual book steeped with mysticism, 'I Am' will delight your mind, awakening it to the inspirational and enlightened teachings of masters around the world. Sit back, relax, and take the journey with Stephen and Jay as each page bursts with lessons unlocking the mysteries to many questions on love, peace, and happiness. I guarantee that by the time you have finished reading this book, your life will never be the same."

"This book is the gateway to the highest spiritual dimensions, to a whole new way of being, to a life filled with glorious peace and joy. I have had the privilege of reading the entire mystical series by Stephen Shaw. If you are ready to walk this profound spiritual Path, if you heart is open and dares to embrace the Truth, if you have the courage to gaze into the Mystery, then end your seeking and start reading!"

"I Am by Stephen Shaw is the single most powerful book I have read on the topic of spirituality. It is not just a book with mere words, it is a soul moving experience and means to an intense soul awakening. If you have any emptiness in your heart; that emptiness will be soon be filled to bursting with the most powerful reminder of your true self that you have ever experienced, leaving you embraced in a peace that you have never realized was possible."

"I Am alters the parameters of what we have always assumed to be reality. This extraordinary book shows that nothing is as it seems in our world. If this was merely a travel journal to power locations around our globe, the story would be interesting and attention holding. When coupled with the spiritual quest that Stephen undertakes, it becomes a fascinating, riveting, spiritually uplifting adventure that will lead you on your own journey to uncover what is now and what is real. A brilliant must-read for all spiritual seekers."

"A wonderful, powerful journey into the realm of the conscious mind, and how it can be a tool for growth and a springboard for spiritual awakening. Too often, our thoughts form an intense grip on our lives and in 'I Am' I was shown how to perceive my feelings and emotions – not as me, but as part of me to be observed. I learned a lot of truths about who I really am, despite whatever labels or constructs have been dictated to me by others and myself. For anyone asking themselves the deeper question of who they really are, this is the book to read!"

"Stephen's retelling of his journey to enlightenment has changed the way I view spirituality. Although I have read plenty of other books with a similar message, none of them have hit me quite as profoundly as I AM. This book takes the enigmatic concept of Oneness and spells it out plain as day, all the while providing suggestions of how to stay with that oneness from day to day, and how to enjoy bliss immediately. Since I finished reading I AM, I can honestly say I am a different person."

"When I first started reading I AM, I burst into tears as I recognized the questions I have been asking and seeking. From the very first page, it felt like my heart was wide open and the tears have flowed from that moment. Your book reached right into my soul and took me to the place I have been seeking my whole life. When I finished your book, I burst into tears again with the relief and excitement at realising something I have known my whole life but could not quite articulate. I felt your transmission of energy from the very first page and can now be who I came here to be. Stephen, I hope you truly understand the impact of your book. I am honored and grateful. Namaste!"

"I have read this glorious book several times now and I still find it truly magickal and uplifting. I have read many books, but none have touched me as deeply as this one. I have found this book to be one that reaches deep into my soul-self."

"I Am in love with 'I Am'. Having a bookshelf - better make that plural - of tomes about 'waking up', there are only a few that did more for me than muddy the already-murky waters. And of those few, 'I Am', within a few short pages, became the clock without a snooze-button, the unignorable wake-up call, a jolt of spiritual caffeine. A message unsurpassed in clarity. I rate this book five out of five stars."

"Never, ever have I read a book so thought provoking and impossible to put down. This is without a doubt the most profound book I've ever read about consciousness and awakening. A MUST read."

"This book is easily one of the greatest spiritual books I have ever read! I identified strongly with the adventure of the author, while literally watching the complete spectrum of spiritual experience unfold. This book is engaging, honest, profound, but most importantly: TRANSFORMING!"

"What a beautiful, mystical and magical book! I read it in one day and could not put it down. It brought up so many emotions, what an incredible journey to have shared. I feel so blessed to have experienced the teachings of 'I Am'."

"I rate your book a 5 star and beyond. It is incredible the feeling. It is not just the book, it is more than that. It goes much deeper for me. As I read, the energy begins to lift up from the pages, combines and becomes one with myself. I AM is a special, blessed book that is gifted with truth."

"I absolutely loved your book 'I Am'. It helped me remember that my mind has no limits. Since reading 'I Am' my responses to life events and people are completely different. I found the entire book really exciting and a pleasure to read. Thank you for sharing your story. It was a truly moving and heartfelt experience for me."

"This is by far THE most profound book that I have ever read. I knew from the first few pages that what I was reading would truly change my life. I stepped out of my perception of now and understood what now could be; a magical, enlightened place of pure love and pure joy. What a tremendous gift to my Spirit. I AM truly grateful."

"I Am: A Journey To Enlightenment is the most amazing book I have ever read. It was written in such a fluent manner and connected with me on such a divine level. Reading this book set off a sequence of light bulb moments within me, it helped me understand the deeper meaning of who I truly am. I love this book!"

"I have never been more moved by a story, a book, or a person. Stephen Shaw's writing is clear, to the point and exquisite, and the teachings are subtle, profound and far-reaching. 'I Am' is a deeply-layered book which returns sage insights with every reading. It leaves me feeling so awake, so alive, so joyful, so free!"

"I Am is so easy to read. It is effortless. He has such a beautiful, conversational style, it's like I'm living it with him. It is a wonderful, magical, awe-inspiring book, and it also feels real, like deep inner truth. I am savouring every word and every page, and it touches me on so many levels."

"Words cannot fully express how I feel about this book. It's not merely a book, it's a gateway to enlightenment."

"I Am: A Journey To Enlightenment is more than a 5-star book. It's an unforgettable experience for the soul! You will laugh, cry, love and walk away with a renewed sense of who you truly are. Wholeheartedly, this is the most quintessential spiritual book ever written."

"I read this amazing book and suddenly everything was so clear. All my years of searching finally came together, everything just dropped into place. The synchronicities that have been occurring since I finished this book are unbelievable. My life just took a massive step forward."

"Enjoyed this book like no other. Really left me in awe. Felt like I was with Stephen all through his journeys and was so intense. I was just blown away. I AM is the book that should be on the top of your spiritual reading list!!"

"I knew from the very first moment I came across this book there was something special about it. I had to have it! I AM is such a wonderful, inspiring, magical book that touched me so deeply and actually brought me to tears. I cannot find the words to describe the feelings it gave me ... I was totally immersed from beginning to end!"

"I've never been transformed by any other book as much as I have been through reading this one. Perhaps it's the unbelievably simple yet effective way the teachings are delivered that allows them to touch the very core of you. I laughed, I cried, and I felt a shift on a level that's unexplainable. I've been buying this book for family and friends, and have recommended it to my clients. Thank you so much, Stephen, for writing this book!"

"This is the best book I have ever read. 'I Am: A Journey To Enlightenment' is a must-read, marvellous book and out of five stars, I give it five stars."

"I Am can be read on many levels depending on where you are with your own personal journey. I Am benefits greatly from being read and re-read, there is always another message to receive when the time is right. Highly recommended. Stephen Shaw is now next to Richard Bach on my bookshelf!"

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