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Secrets have been hidden for thousands of years within abstruse texts, cryptic rituals, and the inner sanctum of mysterious orders. Gateways to higher consciousness and transcendence have been closely guarded. Portals to the multi-dimensions and beings of light have been astutely concealed. Now the resonance is shifting. Shamans, spiritual teachers, enlightened guides, extraterrestrial entities and other-dimensional beings are revealing the truth. It's time to set yourself free.

This picture represents what you experience when you slowly journey to the Source.
It is beautiful, ecstatic, mind-blowing and transcendent. Your tiny ego melts away;
you realise that you are a microscopic drop in a huge ocean of Love and Light.

Journey to Source

What are the gateways and portals? Meditation, prayer, fasting, drumming, yoga,
dancing, tantra, shamanism, teacher plants, and magical cosmic catalysts.
Questions you need to ask: How long do I want to journey? How many
lifetimes until I complete my learning? Am I able to surrender and
trust? Am I willing to let go my ideologies and grow spiritually?

Eye-opening research about drugs harm from Nutt King & Phillips Lancet 2010.
Notice how alcohol compares with LSD, ecstasy and magic mushrooms.

Drugs harm

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Namah Sheva